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Get the free account transfer form 2015-2020 Date Account Transfer Request FormUSEN032415 Use this page ONLY if you want to keep your same Wellness Advocate number. OWNERSHIP FORM CHANGE ONLY ownership from myself to my legal entity. I also agree that I will be responsible for dividing my 1099 between the two legal owners as d TERRA will only issue one 1099 based on the tax information on file at year-end. Any assets that take the form of claims to compensation or satisfaction of contractual obligations from or by the...
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Hi and this is webinar which will show you how to complete the account transfer form okay so fist for the account transfer form asks you to complete the details of the Scottrade account the transfer is going to go to now if this is a new account application form you won't yet have this Scottrade account number so you can just leave this box blank and complete the rest of the boxes then it asks you for details of where the account is being transferred from now you should be able to obtain all of this information from a recent statement you received from the company and then you'll have to select one of the following where the account what kind of account is your making the transfer from now if it's a brokerage account most of the time unless we've them explained otherwise is going to be a full account transfer so all you have to do here is to take this box and then this form is complete for you and you can then go on and sign and date the form but I've run through the other the other details as well if it's a mutual fund company transfer then you will need to complete the details of the mutual fund company here and again you should be able to obtain all these details from a recent statement a quick phone call to the mutual fund will establish here which box you should need to complete you may need to establish if it's a transfer in kind or if they need to deliver date the transfer first of all most of the time it's going to be a transfer in kind but as the form stays if it's a money market fund that may need to be liquidated before the proceeds can be transferred okay so if the transfer is from a bank or credit union complete this box just remember though if you're if it's a CD that you're transferring there may be a penalty for any early withdrawal you can speak to us about this also speak to us if it's a transfer from and and uet because again there may be early redemption penalties here otherwise I should just point out all this box means this if the title of the Scottrade which you completed on the first page is different to the title of your account you're making the transfer from then put the title of the account you're making the transfer from in here and sign and date it underneath okay and then that's it all you need to do is to sign and date the form here if it's a joint applicant remember that the joint applicant needs to sign and date it also and then you can just send the form off to Scottrade and that's it thank you